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Man Blasts His Mother For Messing With ‘Mr. Nate’ In Front Of Church Congregation



Man Blasts His Mother For Messing With 'Mr. Nate' In Front Of Church Congregation

Man Exposes His Mother For Messing With A Married Man ‘Mr. Nate’ In Front Of Entire Church Congregation

A church had to end their livestream after a member decided to blast his mother for “laying hands” in an unholy way.

During a Facebook livestream for “New Hope Christian Church” in Beaufort, SC, a member who identified himself as “Black Sheep” and the “son of Agnus,” confessed his mother’s sins to the entire congregation.

He started out his speech by mentioning how the church has always been there for his family. It appears he might have a habit of saying out of pocket things on the mic, because it looks like the pastor stood close by in case they had to snatch it from him.

Black Sheep, noticing that Pastor Cushingberry was locked in on him as if his eyes were on the sparrow, assured that he would keep it clean.

“There’s some things going on inside this church,” he said. “My mother is messing with Mr. Nate, he’s a married man”

The pastor immediately took the mic and said “I thought I told you to keep it clean.” “It is clean,” the Black Sheep said. Being that God is the author of truth, it’s safe to say that Black Sheep wasn’t wrong for speaking up.

As for Ms. Agnus the adulterer, she might wanna rededicate at next week’s service. We’ve learned that Mr. Nate and his wife were not present during the revealing.

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