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Man Arrested For Decapitating Girlfriend’s Pet Ducks & Forcing Her To Look At It



Man Arrested & Charged For Decapitating Girlfriend's Two Pet Ducks & Forcing Her To Look At It

Man Arrested & Charged For Decapitating Girlfriend’s Two Pet Ducks & Forcing Her To Look At It

A man has been charged with ripping the head off his girlfriend’s pet duck before forcing his girlfriend to look at it.

According to the New York Post, 49-year-old Michael Lee Humphries from Michigan was arrested and is facing felony charges for decapitating his girlfriend’s pet duck.

Police say that Humphries did this in order to assert his “psychological domination and intimidation” onto his girlfriend who has become a victim of his domestic abuse.

Genesee County Sheriff, Christopher Swanson, elaborated on this to say,“[he] Ripped the head off this animal — spinal cord still attached — and he did that to send a message to his girlfriend who he had a dispute with.”

Furthermore, this is not the only time Humphries has done this to his girlfriend. He gifted his girlfriend a decapitated duck back in March of this year and has even left marks on her face.

Humphries is currently in custody and held on a $5K bond.

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