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Madonna, 65, Removes Her Botched BBL, Shows Off Regular Body



Fans Praise Madonna After Removing Her Botched BBL 

Fans Praise Madonna After Removing Her Botched BBL

Last month Madonna was rushed to the hospital after suffering a mysterious illness that nearly took her life.

Well, there are rumors that the “mystery illness” may have actually been complications from her most recent surgery to reverse her botched BBL.

Last year Madonna made headlines, when she posted a very graphic picture of her, showing off her surgically altered body. The senior citizen pop star clearly had her backside surgically enhanced, and her fans were shocked at how unnatural that it looked.

Fans figured out that her cakes seem to have shrunk down to a more natural size. She looks great for her age, hopefully she stays away from surgery going forward.

“She finally realized everyone was laughing AT her, not WITH her… and she doesn’t have any real friends, just paid for boyfriends, bought children and yes men,” a fan commented.

“Wow, Remember when white folk thought thick lips and fat azzes were WORSE than sin???” another person wrote. “60 yo should NOT be getting no BBL at that age u shouldn’t give AF just be living ur best life and have more MF sense SMDH,” someone else added.

With sales of over 300 million records worldwide, Madonna is the best-selling female recording artist of all time. She holds the record for being the most successful solo artist in the history of the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart and has achieved the most number-one singles by a woman in Australia, Canada, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.


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