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Luke Valentine Blames N-Word Slip On Lack Of Sleep & Food



Former 'Big Brother' Luke Valentines Blames N-Word Slip On Lack Of Sleep & Food

Former ‘Big Brother’ Luke Valentine Blames N-Word Slip On Lack Of Sleep & Food

‘Big Brother’ star Luke Valentine is blaming his N-Word slip incident that was caught on camera on lack of sleep and nutrition.

Luke previously slipped said the N-word around 3 of his fellow cast members—one of whom was black. Since then, producers booted Valentine off of the show with no return.

In his public apology where he addressed the situation, Valentine explained what he believes initially caused the lack of knowledge to his actions.

“It was about a week of malnutrition, a week of sleep deprivation,” he said.

“I was getting about two and half hours of sleep on that cheese block, and you don’t really take into the account of the psychological distress of being under studio light 24/7.”

Valentine continued on with his statement as he took a few puffs from his blunt and shades on. “What happened, happened” he said.

He then compared the whole incident to a time when he was running his mouth in middle school.

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