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LL Cool J Says Old Rappers Flirting With Retirement Are Insecure



LL Cool J Calls Out Old Rappers Flirting With Retirement

LL Cool J Calls Out Old Rappers Flirting With Retirement

LL Cool J is tired of rappers who claim they are retiring from rapping and delivered a harsh message to them in a recent interview on Sway’s Universe.

“Hip Hop is not a sport. It’s like playing guitar or the horn…it’s not a sport. So I don’t have to stop doing what I do and stop recording at 34,” he said.

“I hear artists all the time flirting with retirement. And that’s really insecurity because they don’t know whether or not they’re going to be able to continue on in their careers. At least that’s how it comes off to me.”

Several rappers, including Jay-Z and Logic, have “retired” before returning and several more are contemplating retiring.

LL Cool continued: “I think it’s insecurity. At a minimum, it’s a slight lack of gratitude. It’s a little bit ungrateful because you’re in a position to have a great career, and you’re flirting with retirement for absolutely no reason, other than the fact that you don’t know what to do next.”

He added, “But that’s what greatness is about. Greatness is about being willing to go into uncharted territory. When you go into uncharted territory, you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Despite having an amazing career and legacy spanning several decades, LL Cool J makes it clear he’s not stopping anytime soon.

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