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Halle Bailey Reportedly Pregnant By DDG – Pics



Is Halle Bailey Pregnant By DDG?

Is Halle Bailey Pregnant By DDG?

Is Little Mermaid Star Halle Bailey pregnant? well that’s what multiple entertainment insiders are telling us at Dreddsworld.

While no insider had any first hand information about Halle, insiders say they suspect that Halle is pregnant, because of her most recent social media posts.

The insiders pointed out that Halle, who is coming off her first starring movie role, hasn’t posted any photos of her stomach in more than a month. Recently she’s taken to posting old photos and videos of herself.

And when she does post recent photos of herself, the stomach is always obstructed, or she’s wearing baggy clothes hiding her belly.

Is Halle Bailey Pregnant By DDG?

So what does her stomach look like lately? Well here is one pic, which clearly shows that Halle’s belly is sticking out a bit.

The insiders say Halle’s posts – lead them to suspect that she could be pregnant.

And if she is pregnant, the baby is most likely from Halle’s longtime boyfriend, rapper DDG. The two have been dating now for nearly two years. DDG – who has never had a major hit record – already has two children, by two other women.

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