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College Student Injects Chemical Under Neighbor’s Door Causing Family To Fall Ill



College Student Injects Chemical Opioid Liquid Under Neighbor's Door Causing Family To Fall Ill 

College Student Injects Chemical Opioid Liquid Under Neighbor’s Door Causing Family To Fall Ill

A Florida chemistry student has been charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance and burglary after being caught on a hidden camera allegedly injecting an opioid underneath a family’s door. According to police, the chemical caused the family and their newborn baby to fall ill.

According to documents obtained by WFLA, Umar Abdullah, his wife and newborn baby moved into a Tampa condo above the former USF student, Xuming Li.

Shortly after their arrival, the couple reportedly started receiving noise complaints from Li noting that he was losing sleep and hearing the toilet seat move. This is where it gets crazy y’all. Abdullah then explained that after months of quarreling, he and his family began falling ill while experiencing dizziness and vomiting.

The family noticed the opioid smell after a friend pointed out a strong smell similar to nail polish remover. They then called a conditioning company, Plummer, and had the landlord replace their heater, air ducts, and vents, but the smell remained.

Abdullah even went as far as calling the fire department, who found nothing wrong either. Abdullah then decided to place a hidden camera near his door after his daughter became sick again, revealing Li appearing to bend down and inject a syringe into the door.

“We were shaking,” Abdullah said. “We couldn’t imagine that he was coming and doing something. I never thought after all this that no.“ “I’m just imagining this. No.”

Li is also facing a lawsuit from Abdullah for domestic violence and from the condo association for breach of contract. A hazmat test revealed the “liquid chemical agent” contained a combination of methadone and hydrocodone — both opioid pain medications. Abdullah and his family are looking for a new place to call home

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