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Brazil’s Supreme Court Rules That Homophobia Is Now Punishable By Prison



Brazil's Supreme Court Rules That Homophobia Is Now Punishable By Prison

Brazil’s Supreme Court Rules That Hate Speech Is Now Punishable By Prison

In a landmark decision, Brazil’s Supreme Court on Tuesday (August 22) ruled that homophobic slurs will now be punishable by prison.

The decision has been received well by the LGBTQ+ community which has been battling rampant violence against it in the country.

In a nearly unanimous 9-1 ruling, homophobic slurs have been put on the same legal level as racist hate speech.

Justice Edson Fachin, who delivered the verdict, said the ruling was a “constitutional imperative” to give LGBTQ+ citizens equal protection under the law.

The Brazilians were elated after the announcement and took to social media to rejoice in the ruling.

“We need to celebrate, yes! It is a victory against LGBTPHOBIA,” said one of the netizens while another added: “I lived to see such a decision. The movement continues.”

Meanwhile, a third said: “Important achievement, but a mark of how backward Brazil is The Supreme Court had to equate LGBTphobia with racial slurs/racism because Congress refuses to legislate on this topic. Brazilian law simply does not directly punish LBGTphobics!!”

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