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Blueface Says He’s Gone 12 Days Without Cheating



Blueface Says He’s Gone 12 Days Without Cheating, Twitter Reacts

Blueface Says He’s Gone 12 Days Without Cheating, Twitter Reacts

Rapper Blueface says he’s gone 12 days without cheating on his baby mama, Jaidyn Alexis.

“If I cheat Ima let y’all know ima make this a trend lol today marks 12 days y’all better root for me an encourage me my Bm ain’t been with nobody else in 10 years I can try alil harder this time around I ain’t gone find nobody else like her,” Blueface tweeted.

The rapper continued, “It’s been about 2 weeks since I cheated I think ima go for 3 she’s worth it.”

“And you were so worried about @ChriseanMalone cheating. This makes no sense,” Zeus Network replied on Twitter. “It’s not about cheating it’s about lying 🤥 I can get over the truth I could never get over a lie,” Blue added.

His tweets come days after Chrisean Rock shared on Instagram Live that he once threatened to kill their unborn child.

“He get in my face for real and this is the evilest shit I’ve ever seen him do, and nobody deserves that sh-t. He’s like, ‘Shoolyard Crip bitch, look a killer in his eyes. You don’t think I’ll kill you? And kick you in the stomach and you be bleeding for months?’” she said.

“Then he took my phone to make sure I wasn’t recording, none of that. Long story short, I try to get up and he like, ‘Make one more step to the door’… All this sh-t he doing trying to cap like he cool. Bro, you was fake trying to put fear in my heart at one point.”

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