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Black Dock Worker Attacked In Montgomery Brawl Says The White Men Threatened To Kill Him



Black Man Attacked In Montgomery Brawl Says He Held On For Dear Life

Black Man Attacked In Montgomery Brawl Says He Held On For Dear Life

The dock worker that was attacked by a group of white boaters during the Montgomery Riverboat brawl said he “hung on for dear life” and that the men threatened to kill him.

According to NBC News, dock worker, Damian Pickett, gave a statement to police just hours after the Montgomery Riverboat brawl had took place last Saturday. Pickett hasn’t spoken publicly about the incident yet, but the statement he gave police has revealed his version of events that took place during the brawl.

In his statement, Pickett says that crew members told the white boaters to move “five or six times” and that after receiving “the finger” from them in response, he untied their small boat. This is when Pickett says, “By that time, two people ran up behind me.”

The man in the red hat yelled to Pickett, “Don’t touch that boat motherf***er or we will beat your ass!” From this point, the small boat’s owner came down and got in Pickett’s face and “started getting loud … He got into my face. ‘This belongs to the f— public.’ I told him this was a city dock.”

Then Pickett recalls, “a tall, older white guy came over and hit me in the face. I took my hat off and threw it in the air. Somebody hit me from behind. I started choking the older guy in front of me so he couldn’t anymore, pushing him back at the same time.

Then the guy in the red shorts came up and tackled me … I went to the ground. I think I hit one of them. I can’t tell you how long it lasted. I grabbed one of them and just held on for dear life.”

Shortly after, Pickett says his co-worker jumped in the water and swam over to defend him and fight back. Then, his nephew went after the people that attacked him and even Pickett’s sister got choked by the man who started it all. Pickett says, “The guy who started it all was choking my sister. I hit him, grabbed her and moved her … I turned around and MPD had a taser in my face. I told him I was the one being attacked and could I finish doing my job.”

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