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Bandman Kevo Gets Tattoo Of Donald Trump’s Mugshot On His Lap



Bandman Kevo Gets Tattoo Of Donald Trump’s Mugshot On His Thigh

Bandman Kevo Gets Donald Trump’s Mugshot Tattooed On His Thigh

Bandman Kevo decided to show his love for Donald Trump…by getting a tattoo of Donald Trump’s viral mugshot.

The tattoo of the mugshot with the words “Make America Great Again” over it. “Make America Great Again or Sleepy Joe?” he said in the video.

“Bandman Kevo is the definition of a clout chaser at its finest,” one follower wrote. “Idolizing a mere man is blasphemy. Any man! Stop making poor lifelong decisions for temporary moments,” another wrote.

Another fan wrote, “the fact you have a tattoo of someone who would look you in your face and call you a racial slur and show you no feelings whatsoever is pretty f-ckin wild lol….”

This isn’t the first time he’ll make controversial headlines, couple months back, Bandman Kevo revealed that he paid $90 for a golden shower in Colombia

The former President surrendered for a fourth time this year, with this case focusing on his efforts to overturn his 2020 general election defeat in Georgia.

Trump denies the charges and says he is being targeted because the Democrats don’t want him to run against Biden.

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