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Automotive Service Technician: Jobs, Salary, Job Description 2023



Automotive Service Technician, Jobs, Salary & Job Description

What Is Automotive Service Technician?

Automotive Service Technician performs diagnosis, repairs, and maintenance on automobiles. An automotive service technician is expected to have solid mechanical skills, a broad knowledge of modern automotive systems and electronics, and expertise with common diagnostic tools used to determine error sources.

A service technician does not necessarily need formal qualifications or education, however it’s auite advisable to do so after completing programs offered by automotive technician schools or apprenticeships/automotive training programs.

Automotive service technicians specialize in inspecting and repairing problems with vehicles. Service technicians often work in an auto shop or dealership working alongside other mechanics to service cars. Required qualifications include hands-on experience of mechanical repairs, such as automobile parts and equipment.


Automotive Service Technician Job Description

While service technicians work on conventional mechanical systems, they are required to have knowledge of an increasing number of electronic systems. Also, electronic components like accident-avoidance sensors, are becoming a norm in modern cars which is why technicians are now needed to work on automobiles that make use of electricity or substitute fuels, like ethanol.

Automotive service technician job description includes:

– Diagnose problems, mostly by using computerized diagnostic tools

– Highlight work process, using charts, technical manuals, and experience

– Test components and systems to guarantee that they’re functioning properly

– Use checklists to certify that all important parts are tested.

– Do simple care and maintenance, such as changing oil, inspecting fluid levels, and rotating tyres.

– Fix or change worn parts, such as brake pads, wheel bearings, and sensors

– Make repairs to manufacturer and client’s instructions

– Clarify problems and repairs to customers


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Automotive Service Technician: Jobs, Salary, Job Description 2023


Types Of Automotive Service Technician

– Automotive air-conditioning technicians

These technicians install and fix air-conditioners. They repair air conditioners parts, including compressors, condensers, and controls. These technicians are required to be trained and certified in operating refrigerants.

– Brake technicians

Brake technicians diagnose brake system errors, fix brakes, change brake rotors and pads, and make other adjustments on brake systems.

– Drivability technicians/Diagnostic technicians

Drivability technicians use their expertise on engine handling and fuel, electronic, ignition, and emissions modules to inspect problems that stop engines from working properly. These technicians mostly use the onboard diagnostic system of an automobile and electronic testing tools to scan and find the problems.

– Front-end technicians

Front-end technicians inspect ride, operating, and tire wear problems. In order to fix these issues, front-end technicians often use special alignment tools and also wheel-balancing machines.

– Transmission technicians and rebuilders

These technicians and rebuilders perform on components of the transmission, including gear trains, couplings, hydraulic pumps, and more. These parts are quite complex and that’s why a transmission technician has to have expertise in computer controls and be able to diagnose electrical and hydraulic issues.


Automotive Service Technician Jobs

Looking for automotive service technician jobs? Check out some of the links below to some reputable websites with vacant automotive service technician job opportunities.

1. Indeed

2. Zippia

3. Glassdoor

4. LinkedIn

5. Indeed

6. Simply Hired

7. Zip Recruiter


Automotive Service Technician Salary

Average Automotive Service Technician Salary  – $43,077

Per Hour – $20.71



How much does an automotive service technician make?

– In the United States, an average automotive service technician salary is $43,077. Automotive service technician salaries range between $25,000 and $74,000 yearly.

– Automotive service technicians average hourly rate is $20.71 per hour. Automotive service technicians’ hourly rates in the United States range between $12 and $35 an hour.

– Automotive service technician salary is influenced by location, certifications, and experience. Automotive service technicians earn the highest average salary in  Maryland ($68,182), Virginia ($67,910), and New Jersey ($64,992).

– Cypress company pay the highest salary for automotive service technicians.

– The health care industry pay the highest salary for automotive service technicians in the US.


Automotive Service Technician: Jobs, Salary, Job Description 2023

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