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Applebee’s Manager Fired After Video Of Police Wrongfully Arresting A Black Man Surfaced



Applebee's Manager Fired After Video Of Police Arresting A Black Man For A Crime He Didn't Commit Surfaced Online

Applebee’s Manager Fired After Video Of Police Arresting A Black Man For A Crime He Didn’t Commit Surfaced Online

Earlier today, video of a man getting arrested at an Applebee’s after police wrongfully identified him as the suspect involved in a hit-and-run while the actual perps were hiding in the restaurant’s bathroom.

Now, new developments have come out as the manager of that Applebee’s has been fired after videos of the incident began circulating online.

According to CBS 58 News, the manager, Jennifer Harris, has revealed that she was wrongfully terminated on August 7th.

“They told me they can’t trust me and that I didn’t just ruin this Applebee’s name, I ruined all the Applebee’s in Wisconsin’s name by letting these videos get out. I’m not the one who recorded the videos nor let them out on the internet, so I don’t understand.”

She continued,. “My employees are trying to get the right story out, so how did we ruin the name of Applebee’s?”

Harris revealed that she had dedicated more than a decade to the restaurant chain, going from server to manager in that time, and that she’s currently without a job while her fiancé is in the hospital and her 11-year-old is about to begin school soon.

She also revealed that two employees also quit due to her firing. She went on to say, “They had the opportunity to do the right thing also and support this family and they chose to support the other side and care about how they look in the situation.”

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