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20-Year-Old Man Arrested For Killing Home Depot Worker Revealed To Be Her Baby Daddy



Man Premeditated Shooting With His Own Mother Who Is Now Charged With Murder Also

Man Premeditated Shooting With His Own Mother Who Is Now Charged With Murder Also

This is a very disappointing update to a report we shared yesterday. Over the weekend, a 20-year-old man shot and killed Brooklyn Dior, 18, at her job inside a Home Depot in Pensacola, FL. At the time, police knew the attack was targeted, but didn’t know to what extent.

Now it’s being revealed that the shooter and the victim were in a relationship and they shared a 2-year-old child together. It’s also being revealed that the shooter’s own mother helped him carry out the unfortunate murder.

According to WEAR News, Shelia Agee, 50, helped her son Keith, 20, kill Brooklyn Dior inside a local Home Depot. Investigators were able to retrieve text messages between the mother and son that explicitly show that Sheila was fully aware of Keith’s attempts to kill Brooklyn and even telling him where to find Brooklyn inside the store.

In the messages, Keith says ““Shi ain’t a nun it but cost me money and gave me a ******* I it’m fine just shooting her. Ik I hate that for [daughter] buh like I said I can’t take it idgaf Nomo.” In which Shelia replied, “Ok I’ll call you and tell you mf if you want to go to jail I’ll tell you when we get close but if you don’t come kill her you a mf b**ch.”

The saddest part about this is, the WEAR News crew captured Shelia at Brooklyn’s balloon release to celebrate her life hours before she was arrested in connection to the murder.

She is being charged with First-degree Premeditated Murder Aggravated Battery. Brooklyn’s brother, Breland Carter, told the news station that the couple had a history of domestic violence, and Brooklyn had already taken Keith to court for his abuse, but unfortunately, she still lost her life at the hands of her abuser.

This is terrible! The mother should be ashamed to even show up at the balloon release knowing you played a hand in her death.

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