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Dwight Howard Sued By Ex Butler For Failing To Pay Proper Wages



Dwight Howard Sued By Former Butler For Failing To Pay Proper Wages & Accusing Him Of Stealing $250K Ring

Dwight Howard Sued By Former Butler For Failing To Pay Proper Wages & Accusing Him Of Stealing $250K Ring

Dwight Howard is reportedly being sued by his former butler, Louis Pellegrino, after being accused of failing to pay him proper wages, defaming his character, and causing him emotional distress.

According to documents obtained by Radar Online, Pellegrino is suing Howard and the company that manages his employees, ‘12-Bray LLC’.

Pellegrino reportedly stated in the lawsuit that since there was no butler upon getting the job in 2020, he was tasked to do several deeds all at once, such as “providing concierge, security, shopping, car/property maintenance, pet-care, and pool duties”. Howard reportedly forced him to work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This even reportedly led to Pellegrino handling tasks outside the estate.

This is where it takes a turn y’all. Howard allegedly told Pellegrino he would pay him $750 per week, which would put him at $80k annually. Well after the probationary period, Pellegrino claimed that Howard refused to pay him his promised wages.

Howard allegedly tried to blame this issue on failing to switch banks and accountants. And get this y’all, to make matters worse, Howard is said to have created a hostile work environment for Pellegrino while defaming him. Pellegrino claimed Howard warned estate guests and co-workers to watch out for him upon finding out he was friends with his ex, Melissa Rios.

In addition, Howard falsely accused Pellegrino of being a thief after sending him to a jeweler to repair a $250k ring. Pellegrino says he informed Howard that the ring was not in the box while on the way to get it fixed, mentioning that nearly 30 people had access to the home at the time, including his gf, Te’A Cooper. Howard continued to blame him for the missing ring instead of filing an insurance claim.

As of right now, Howard is demanding that the lawsuit be tossed, while Pellegrino is wanting Howard charged.

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