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Doja Cat Blocks Fan For Accusing Her New Boyfriend Of Being A Sexual Predator



Doja Cat Blocks & Claps Back At Fan Who Accused Her Boyfriend J. Cyrus Of Being A Sexual Predator

While I can’t say Doja Cat doesn’t believe y’all, but when it comes to the accusations concerning her new man, she doesn’t wanna see them!

Everything seemed blissful when it was announced that she was dating J.Cyrus. Cyrus is a comedian and musician, but it appears he’s also known for some alleged unfavorable things.

Twitter users who have had alleged encounters with him claim he is a groomer who has taken advantage of younger girls.

When social users tried to tell Doja about their encounters she blocked them. One commenter told her to “leave that man” and she replied, “he’s f***ing me as I type this.”

This isn’t the first time J. Cyrus has received backlash on the internet. He’s been called out several times for his past racist tweets. One of them read “never mention KFC to your black friend.”

As for the accusations, there are many! Chris reportedly apologized for some inappropriate behavior in the past. It’s unclear how far these accusations will go or how if any lawsuits/charges will be pressed or filed.

Doja Cat is also trending after video of her getting freaky in chatroom – filled with conservative leaning White men leaked online.

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