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Man Slaps Doctor At Conference In Baltimore For Sexually Assaulting His Wife



Man Slaps Doctor At Conference For Sexually Assaulting His Wife, Says He Waited 7 Years For This Moment

A medical conference in Baltimore quickly went left when a man walked up to a panel of OB/GYNs, grabbed the speaker by his collar, and slapped him twice, leaving him stunned!

Shortly after slapping the speaker, the man went on a nearly 2 minute rant towards the doctor.

The aggrieved man revealed that the doctor had sexually assaulted his wife 7 years ago, causing her emotional distress and what he described as suffering.

In the video, a woman who appeared to be his wife, stood near him the entire video as he shouted aloud “You know what you did.. you touched my wife seven years ago in New York” and expressing that he waited seven years for this moment, called the man a predator.

The doctor who was assaulted decided not to go through with pressing criminal charges on the man for assault and asked that the man be escorted off the premises of the conference.

The wife of the man can be heard in the video saying she reported the Doctor for harassment at the time the alleged incident took place. No one has been publicly identified at the moment.

Since then, the American college of Obstetrics and Gynecology sent an email about the incident to its physicians stating that they do not condone violence and are working on solving the issue.

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