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Three Colorado Amazon Drivers Sue Company For Inhumane Working Condition



Amazon Drivers Claim Company Forced Them To Pee In Bottles & Poop In Doggie Bags To Keep Up With Delivery Times

Amazon Drivers Claim Company Forced Them To Pee In Bottles & Poop In Doggie Bags To Keep Up With Delivery Times

Three Amazon drivers from Colorado are suing the tech giant for inhumane work conditions. According to Fox31 Denver, the 16-page class action lawsuit, states that the rules were so strict on delivery times, that they were forced to pee in bottles of poop in doggy bags just so they could make the delivery quota.

Ryan Schiling, an Iraq War veteran, says he experienced worse conditions with Amazon than he ever did while serving in the army. He claims when he first started the job after he left service in 2018, he was overwhelmed by the demand of an Amazon delivery driver.

During his busiest shifts, he barely had time to use the restroom or take his state-mandated rest break every four hours. He often skipped lunch to keep up with Amazon’s performance metrics. To avoid falling behind, Schilling would pack plastic water bottles to urinate in during his shift. On more than one occasion, he pooped into a doggie waste bag in the back of his truck.

“We’re not in a combat zone,” Schilling said. “There’s no reason I should be having to do the same things in a regular place of employment in the United States.”

“When I worked for Amazon, I had to bring a change of clothes in case I peed my pants while trying to hit Amazon’s delivery metrics,” another plaintiff in the lawsuit, Leah Cross, said in Towards Justice’s release. “I was told I couldn’t even stop to pick up some sanitary products.”

In the lawsuit, they claim that Amazon keeps control over the drivers with surveillance technology that monitors the workers’ location at all times and tracks the duration of each stop, as well as monitors their eye movements within the vehicles, making it virtually impossible for them to pause work without some kind of discipline.

The complaint also said that trash cans in Amazon fulfillment centers are overflowing with bottles of urine that drivers have thrown away after a shift, and states that the working conditions are “human harm,” and are a direct result of Amazon’s pace-of-work policies.

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