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Prankster TikToker ‘Mizzy’ Under Investigation For Entering Stranger’s Home



TikTok Prankster’Mizzy’ Under Investigation For Entering Stranger’s Home & Asking If They Want To Die

a Tiktoker is under investigation after he allegedly walked into a woman’s home and asked her if she “wanted to die.”

The video has since been deleted, but the Tiktoker, “Mizzy,” has many more like it.

According to several reports, “Mizzy has been getting out of control and the Metropolitan Police has finally arrested him.”

Mizzy confirmed this in a video where he states he was only at the station for 2 hours. He claims it’s nothing illegal about asking someone if they want to die.

Social users are calling his pranks immature and dangerous.This is why TikTok on the verge of disappearing now. Y’all doing way too much on there.

“Clout is a drug.. you mfs like attention way too much fr,” someone commented. “Nah homie you gonna wind up dead. You gonna mess around and find out with the right one,” another person wrote.

“So weird. Lock him up. Someone disturbing your peace and safety in your own home is a top tier violation,” someone else added.

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