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Fat Joe Tells Aspiring Rappers To Get A Job As ‘Plan A’



Fat Joe Tells Woken: "If Your Man Says He Raps & Doesn't Have A Deal, It's A Problem"

Fat Joe Tells Woken: “If Your Man Says He Raps & Doesn’t Have A Deal, It’s A Problem”

Fat Joe shared a message to all aspiring rappers trying to make it big in the industry…get a job.

“If your man said he raps and he don’t have a deal. There’s a problem with that,” he said on Instagram Live.

“It’s called plan A, get a job. Plan B, hope you make it. This has never changed. Some guys be like, ‘I gotta get a regular job?’ Bro, you gotta get a job! If you got kids and you got this girl that got an apartment and y’all sexin’ it up every day, you got to pay some bills.”


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Fat Joe continued while quoting Nas classic “Life’s A Bitch”: “And that dollar and a dream — ‘That buck that bought the bottle could’ve struck the lotto.’ Nah!”

The Hip-Hop Wolf reposted Joe’s brutally honest comments and some weren’t happy with the tough pill to swallow.

“It’s too many people out here telling people how to live their lives,” one person wrote to Instagram. “I bet Joe would have hated for someone to tell him that and crush his dreams when he was coming up. Smh! Then he brings the women into it to make matters worse Smh!”

While it might sound like he’s urging aspiring rappers to take any record deal thrown their way to get some money, Joe has also spoken out in the past about his belief that the major label system is a Ponzi scheme.

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