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Charleston White Calls CPS On Finesse2Tymes’ 10-Year-Old Artist Lil King



Charleston White Calls CPS On Finesse2Tymes’ 10-Year-Old Artist Lil King

Charleston White has been making controversial headlines for a while now, adding to the list of his antics, he claims he called CPS on Finesse2tymes’ artist Lil King.

Charleston is championing the fact that he called child protective services on Finesse2Tyme’s 10-year-old signee, Lil King.

The comedian told CPS that he had witnessed “child neglect. I only have rapper names and street names but I’m sure they’re easy to find. I wanna make a report of child neglect and child endangerment,” he is seen saying in the clip.

“I got a video that was sent to me that was made by this child online making threats. There’s videos of this child in the clubs at night with convicts, thugs around drugs and guns, and the kid’s name is Lil King. He’s a popular little rapper, so I have a video that I can send you that you guys can really pull up on YouTube called ‘Lil King Goes In On Charleston White.’”

The video went viral and King responded to White on social media:

“Charleston White, you get caught, you get smacked. You gonna get stripped, I swear to God. You gonna get stripped…You gotta be gay… ain’t nothing to talk about, you getting stripped off the rip, I swear to God.”

Finesse2Tymes chimed in: “It’s [too] late we gone…mf’s will keep it real in yo face, but can’t keep it real behind yo back.”

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