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Cardi B Shows Off Kulture’s School Lunch, Twitter Reacts



Cardi B Shows The Lunch She Gives Daughter Kulture

Cardi B packs a lunch for her 4 year old daughter Kulture, every day for school. Yesterday Cardi decided to share what she feeds her eldest daughter.

And many of the platinum rapper’s fans were surprised by the poor nutrition quality of the food. Others were surprised by the sheer amount of food that she gives to the little girl.

We’re not sure whether Cardi expects the child to eat all that, but at least the little gal has choices. Here’s a sample of the lunch that Cardi sends with her 4 year old daughter:

“Lunch is 20 minutes long, mind u,” a fan commented. “Kulture don’t go to a public school baby,” Cardi B fan page fired back. “This is so unhealthy lmao,” another person wrote.

“Kids don’t want salmon and beef wellington, they want chicken nuggets and noodles. She got a nice balance of fruit/veggies with it. I see nothing wrong. As far as portion sizes fo maybe the lil girl can eat, or that includes snacks for throughiut the day,” someone else added.

A fan also noted saying: “Hell, that food looks good to me. Growing up, lunch time was hard for me, because I never had enough. From a poor family, I knew that meal would be the most consistent I’d have all year. That little girl is totes adorbs.”

“Thats a great lunch box! she has plenty that she can share and/or trade with her friends… good job, mama,” another netizen shared.

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