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Cardi B Reportedly Furious Taylor Swift Brought Out Ice Spice



Cardi B Upset Taylor Swift Brought Out Ice Spice: 'It Should Have Been Me'

Cardi B Upset Taylor Swift Brought Out Ice Spice: ‘It Should Have Been Me’

The Cardi B and Ice Spice feud is about to go into overdrive. According to reports reaching us at Dreddsworld, Cardi is furious of how the industry is pushing Ice Spice.

And this weekend, when Ice Spice came out during Taylor Swift’s concert, it appears to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Cardi’s friend explained, “The industry is trying to replace Cardi with Ice Spice, it’s obvious.” The insider said that Ice Spice has been getting endorsement deals, and features that were meant for Cardi.

Apparently, while Cardi has been trying to keep her composure over the intentional slights, things have gone too far. The insider added, “That should have been Cardi on the stage. What was Ice Spice doing there.”

Taylor and Ice Spice released a new song together, entitled Karma. Cardi’s insider said that the song was initially supposed to go to Cardi, but she was replaced by Ice Spice.

Ice Spice’s career has been skyrocketing lately. And despite being from the Bronx, just like Cardi – Ice Spice has never reached out to Cardi, for any support.

Instead, Ice Spice signed a long term deal with Cardi’s mortal enemy Nicki Minaj.

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