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Cam’ron Blasts Strippers Asking For Ja Morant Apology



Cam’ron Slams Strippers Asking Ja Morant For An Apology

Cam’ron Slams Strippers Asking Ja Morant For An Apology

Ja Morant was suspended from the NBA for eight games in March after flashing gun in a strip club.

Last week, the strippers claimed they want an apology but according to Cam’ron, they are buggin.

“Alright, I heard about kicking a dog when he’s down, but y’all bitches buggin’. Listen, if Pooh Shiesty was in there with a pistol, and stuck it all in your face, you’d be hype and all types of sh- t. If Durk came in there and smacked you with the pistol, you’d fall on the floor and do a muthaf-ckin’ backflip and love it, as long as he throwing money on you,” Cam’ron said.

“Now because n-gga Ja Morant going through a little something, y’all see it’s all NBA and gun control,” he continued on his It Is What It Is podcast with Mase.

Ja Morant is currently suspended for flashing a gun on social media. He was not in a club this time, he was riding in a vehicle with a friend.

But he is close to losing his career and Cam is not here for it. “A n-gga got a pistol in the strip club every f-cking night. It’s a n-gga with a pistol in there and he’ll turn ya bitches on. Y’all get excited when y’all see the pistol. N-gga drink a bottle, show you the pistol, throw the 1’s and you go home or slide with that n-gga.”

Cam’ron added, “Now you wanna kick Ja Morant when he down? That’s f-cked up. Now, Adam Silver and the rest of the NBA, they got a right to do that. Y’all dancers see guns every night. Cut the sh-t. That’s my opinion.”

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