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11-Year-Old Mississippi Boy Who Survived Police Shooting Now Has Coffin Nightmares



He Claims He Now Has Nightmares About Laying In A Coffin

He Claims He Now Has Nightmares About Laying In A Coffin

The 11-year-old boy from Mississippi that was shot by a police officer is speaking out for the first time and it’s absolutely heartbreaking.

Aderrien Murry spoke with CNN about the unfortunate incident and how he’s been keeping his faith in God strong despite everything that’s been going wrong.

Aderrien says he thought he was going to die at that moment when the police officer opened fire on him inside his own home, striking him in the chest.

He says while his mom held her hand on his wounds, he was singing the gospel song “No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper” to pass the time before the paramedics came. He then told his mother to tell his family and his teacher he was “sorry for what he did.”

Aderrien believes his prayers are what kept him alive, but when he goes to sleep at night, he can’t help but think about how close to death he truly was.

“Sometimes, I can see myself laying inside the coffin. Those are my thoughts at night, my only ones,” Aderrien said. “Sometimes I think people are watching me. But my main thought is me dead, inside the coffin.”

Aderrien told CNN he still has pain in parts of his body, has trouble breathing and isn’t able to do things like run or jump. But he’s alive, and that, he said, is “because of the grace of God.” “I think God has a plan for me. I don’t know it yet,” he said, but he will “know it soon.”

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