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Real Life ‘Coke Bear’ Bashes Car Window & Guzzles 69 Cans Of Soda



A Canadian Black Bear Bashes Car Window & Guzzles 69 Cans Of Soda

A Canadian black bear likely felt a helluva sugar high after guzzling down 69 cans of soda that it pilfered from a woman’s vehicle.

Accompanying photos show the sweet-toothed bruin surrounded by crushed cans like the aftermath of a teetotaler’s frat party.

“You could hear him, slurping it the whole time,” Sharon Rosel told Jam Press of Cokey the Bear’s pop blitzkrieg, which occurred last Thursday in Vancouver, British Colombia.


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The Canuck had reportedly been storing 72 cans of pop in her truck that she planned to break out at an upcoming company soiree.

Over the next half hour, the Fizzly bear would mainline a diabetes-inducing 69 cans of cola. Think a PG version of the bear’s epic blow binge from the 2022 horror-comedy “Cocaine Bear.”

The pop cans weren’t the only things that incurred Winnie’s wrath.

According to Rosel, the animal ransacked her car, ripping the leather and breaking a window roller during its impromptu happy hour.

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