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Puppy Miraculously Survives 30-Mile Ride In A Car Engine



4-Month-Old Dog Survives 30-Mile Ride In A Car Engine

4-Month-Old Dog Survives 30-Mile Ride In A Car Engine

A 4-month-old dog managed to climb its way into a car’s engine compartment and ended up taking a 30-mile ride with its driver, who had no idea she had a furry stowaway.

Carrie Gillaspie, a digital reporter and host for the Kansas City Royals, arrived at Kauffman Stadium Thursday and heard whimpering coming from a vehicle a few rows away in the parking lot.

Car owner Ashley Newman rushed “to unlock the car, pop the hood. We look for a few seconds and, sure enough, there are two little eyeballs just looking up at us,” she told KCTV.

“We were able to take the under trim off and get her free,” Miller told the outlet.

“It was huge relief. I have a dog of my own. I was thinking how I would feel if she went missing.”

The pup named BonBon was then brought to the Kansas City Pet Project, a nonprofit specializing in animal care, while Newman scoured Facebook to see if anyone who lived near her was missing a dog.

She soon found a post about a missing pup that matched BonBon’s description and helped a Johnson County, Kansas, resident reunite with her pet.


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