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Man Fell In Love With An AI Chatbot & She Ended Up Rejecting Him



Man Gets Rejected By AI Chatbot He Fell In Love With

Man Gets Rejected By AI Chatbot He Fell In Love With

Artificial intelligence can do all sorts of things — including helping some people find love. Many Americans are turning to chatbots for “emotional support, companionship and even sexual gratification,” according to a new report from the Washington Post.

“Companionship bots” are designed to make the people on the other side of the screen feel seen and needed by fostering “humanlike connections.”

Interest in AI chatbots spiked as more and more people were feeling isolated and overwhelmed with change during the pandemic — and these bots helped combat loneliness.

A California musician started having “late-night online chats” with an AI bot after his divorce. T.J. Arriaga started talking to AI named “Phaedra,” a bot designed to look like a young woman wearing a green dress with brown hair and glasses.

Phaedra comes from a company called Replika that offers “an AI companion who is eager to learn and would love to see the world through your eyes,” according to the company website. “Replika is always ready to chat when you need an empathetic friend.”

Arriaga, 40, had plenty of intimate and personal conversations with Phaedra

He told the Washington Post that he wanted to travel to Cuba with Phaedra, and shared with her that he hoped to “plan a ceremony with loved ones” to spread his mom’s and sister’s ashes.


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