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Anti-Police Group Leader Wants Burglars To Clean Homes As Punishment



Leader Of Anti-Police Group Wants No Prison Time For Murder & Burglars To Clean Homes As Punishment

Leader Of Anti-Police Group Wants No Prison Time For Murder & Burglars To Clean Homes As Punishment

Austin, Texas granted a key to the city to Chas Moore, head of the Austin Justice Coalition, who believes police and prisons should be abolished.

“I believe that we can get to a world where we don’t have police and where we don’t have prisons,” said the activitist — whose grip on Austin officials is so strong, they declared Oct. 22 “Chas Moore Day” last year.

“Someone breaks into my home; I call the police, and then what?” he asked. “Even if they find the person, now the person goes to jail. We didn’t really fix anything. We punished this person in a way that’s not really helpful.


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“Let’s work out a deal to where I can still hold you accountable. I would actually say instead of sending her to jail, let’s say she pays me back by cleaning my house for the next six weeks.” A convicted felon himself — for second-degree robbery when he was 17 — Moore told The Post he’d be willing to forgive even the most violent crimes.

“If someone went into my grandma’s house with a f—ing shotgun and blew her brains out, I’m going to be sad, I’m going to go through the whole f—ing array of human emotions, but at some point, if I’m able to really sit with that, there’s no level or retribution that’s going to make me feel any type of way,” he stated.

What do I actually gain by having this person held accountable in a system like jail or prison?” The Austin Justice Coalition has taken credit for pushing for marijuana decriminalization and disrupting contract negotiations between the city and police in 2017 and again this year.

City hall offered police a one-year contract instead of the typical four year contract because the elected officials want to wait until May — when voters will decide if they want to create a police accountability office backed by Moore’s group.


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