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Jay-Z Artificial Intelligence Verse Threatens The World Of Hip-Hop



Artificial Intelligence Poses a Threat To Artist Rights Of Hip-Hop Stars
Jay Z’s AI Generated Verse Amaze Fans

The hip-hop world’s been has been responding to Artificial intelligence-generated songs, voice productions, and filters for a while, but it just took a whole new scary step.

More so, a recent audio clip on social media of an A.I.-generated verse from Jay-Z, complete with lyrics and voice imitator as if it was a recorded production.

After it exploded on the Internet, some of hip-hop’s most iconic background figures (and greatest defenders) commented against it. However, perhaps “threat” isn’t the right word, as leaders like Young Guru are more worried with how this will tangibly affect artists.

He acknowledges that technology will continue to advance and impact itself regardless, but that we must be ready to guard our art.

“I’ve been trying to tell everyone that this is where we are now with AI,” he wrote on Instagram, posting the clip in question.

“For some reason this one got everyone’s attention. So what do we do. On one hand I’m well aware that you can’t stop technology.

As such, the hip-hop world might be slightly oppressed  by technology, but seems as concerned as ever to protecting its roots, culture and artistry.



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