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Jamie Foxx Was Reportedly Hospitalized Because He Suffered A Stroke



Jamie Foxx Reportedly Suffered A ‘Stroke’ & Had ‘Surgery’

Jamie Foxx Reportedly Suffered A ‘Stroke’ & Had ‘Surgery’

Last night, Jamie Foxx daughter’s Corrine revealed that the veteran actor suffered a “medical complication” and is currently recovering in the hospital.

Shortly after the announcement, folks all across Twitter began speculating what was the nature of the “complication.”

Well multiple people, who have been reliable in the past, are now reporting that Jamie may have suffered a stroke. We have not been able to confirm the reports, and the family has not acknowledged whether the reports are accurate.


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But that hasn’t stopped the rumors from spreading across social media like wildfire.

The rumor began on a Reddit forum, which purportedly contained people working on the set of Jamie’s new movie, Back in Action – which is scheduled to be released on Netflix in 2024.

According to one person in the forum, they claim that Jamie suffered a “stroke.” The person, who wrote the post an hour before Corrine’s above IG post, claimed that Jamie was “in surgery.”

The post was quickly picked up by multiple blogs on Instagram, and repeated as fact. It’s now burning up the rumor mill all across Black Twitter.

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