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How To Save Money On Job-Seeking Services With SkillHub’s Bundle Deals



Tips On How To Save Money On Job-Seeking Services With SkillHub’s Bundle Deals

There are not many shots at making several professional resumes. Therefore, they need to apply to competent professionals like Skillhub. Skillhub resume writers philadelphia can deliver a winning resume within three hours. You may follow the link to learn it for yourself; click it now, and discover excellent resume writing opportunities. Besides, the service offers a flexible pricing policy that will meet any budget. 

It takes from four to six weeks to find a job. When you enter the job market as a job seeker, you should be ready to spend at least a month on finding a prospective job position. Yet, job seekers should discard compromises when it comes to professional self-realization. 

One of the best ways to enhance your job search and save time is to apply to a professional resume-writing service. However, there are several nuances that job seekers should know. According to the TopResume survey, in 2021, job seekers spent up to $400 for a professional resume. This tendency remains relevant even today. 

If a job seeker applies with a professionally crafted document, they should land the position. This article will explore how job seekers can save money with Skillhub’s bundle packages. 


Basic Package 

Many resume services suggest a standard or a basic package that provides a professionally written resume. Despite lacking features, basic packages fulfill the main task – create a winning industry-specific resume for an efficient job search. 

At the same time, average prices for a standard resume start at $100. Skillhub also has a standard package, but its price starts at  $89. Job seekers may request a professional resume with quality guarantees. 


Community Manager Resume 

Rachel had been job searching for a community manager position for several months without much luck. She had applied to countless positions and attended several interviews but received no job offers. She realized that her resume might be holding her back and decided to look into resume writing services.

After researching several options, Rachel found Skillhub a safe choice for a basic resume writing package that fit her budget. She worked with a writer to create a customized resume highlighting her skills and experience as a community manager. 

After updating her resume, Rachel received more interview requests and a job offer from one of the companies she had applied to. Ultimately, even the basic package for professional resume polishing was worth the investment. 


Standard Package 

A professional resume is a solid advantage in the job search. Yet, job seekers may add a cover letter to their application. Cover letters are not mandatory in the modern job search but help to express genuine interest in an application.  

Resume writing services offer cover letter writing as well. However, the pricing for such services varies. A resume writing service may request an additional charge for a cover letter or provide a cover letter with a package. The pricing for such a service starts at $250. 

Skillhub’s Standard package includes a cover letter and a resume, and its price starts at $119. A cover letter will help you stand out for any position and prove your interest. 


Premiums Package 

Job seekers considering a major career shift or re-establishing their professional image may order premium services from resume writing agencies. The list of premiums services depends on the agency, but it may include the following: 


  • Unlimited revisions;
  • Several copies of resumes tailored for different positions;
  • LinkedIn profile overhauled and cover letter;
  • An edited CV;
  • Creative resumes. 


Premium packages fit job seekers who want to get the maximum from their professional expertise. Yet, the pricing for such services may reach up to $1000. 

Skillhub offers a premium package also, and its price starts at $179. Job seekers will receive a professional resume, a cover letter, and a LinkedIn profile overhaul to match the rest of the documents. 

Premium resume writing services do not make a resume better. They just add to the chances of a successful interview landing. Yet, if you want to land your dream job, you will need all the advantages available, and Skillhub will present them for reasonable pricing. 



Final Words 

A professionally crafted resume is an integral part of a successful job search. Job seekers must be confident that their professional image will help them land their dream job. Professional resume services are the best way to obtain such a document. 

Yet, many of the services charge high prices for their work, leaving job seekers in a dilemma of saving money or time. Skillhub helps to solve both of these questions. 

The service offers three resume-writing bundles: 


  • Basic;
  • Standard;
  • Premium. 


Each bundle reaches the main goal – providing job seekers with qualitative resumes for reasonable pricing. The rest of the bundles can add an extra edge to increase the chances of a successful interview landing. 

Google Skillhub resume writing service and experience these benefits by yourself. 



  • What are some ways to save money when using a resume-writing service?

There are several ways to save money when using a resume writing service. Here are a few tips:

  • Research and compare services. Different companies focus on different aspects of job search. Clearly understand what you are looking for, and choose a respective company. 
  • Stick to the basic package. Try to choose the safest option to minimize risks. 
  • Provide all the necessary information right from the start.

  • Can I write my resume to save money?

Yes, you can certainly write your resume to save money but remember that a professionally written resume may increase your chances of getting hired and may be worth the investment. If you decide to write your resume, research best practices and get feedback from others before submitting it.

  •  Are there any free resume writing services available?

 While some free resume writing services are available online, the quality may not be as high as that of a professional service. Additionally, free services may not have the same level of customization or industry-specific expertise. If you choose to use a free service, research its reputation and read reviews from past customers.

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