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Furious Passenger Claims She Was Kicked Off Flight For Having A Mimosa



Woman Claims She Was Thrown Off Flight For Having A Mimosa

Woman On TikTok Claims She Was Thrown Off Flight For Having A Mimosa

A woman was allegedly thrown off an Alaska Airlines flight earlier this month after a flight attendant claimed the passenger was drunk. The TikTok user posted about the injustice she allegedly suffered on the social media app and has since gained 895,000 views on the video.

TikToker Kandace H. claimed that she was waiting for her flight from Portland, Oregon back home to Las Vegas when she stopped to get a mimosa at the airport terminal bar.

“THIS IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE !! I AM LIVID,” reads the video’s caption. “The flight attendants on flight #714 from Portland to Vegas need to be fired!” In the video, Kandace begins to explain that she had stopped for a drink — one and a half mimosas, to be exact — with her coworkers at the airport before boarding their respective flights.


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Upon boarding, Kandace needed to use the plane’s bathroom — a first-time event for her who typically avoids public restrooms. “I go in the bathroom, the light didn’t come on,” she recalled, revealing that while she attempted to solve the bathroom light issue, she was on the phone with her coworkers, who were booked on separate flights, to help minimize her anxiety.

After spending nearly 10 minutes in the bathroom, Kandace emerged from the lavatory to find the flight attendant waiting for her. “I was like, ‘I mean I did have a drink at the bar, but who doesn’t? There are literally bars at the airport’,” Kandace said during her TikTok travel update. “I had a mimosa; well, one and a half — I didn’t even finish the second one because I had to get to the gate.”

Kandace said she made her way back to her seat and was soon approached by the gate agent who then asked the bemused passenger to leave the plane. The gate agent reportedly told Kandace that the flight attendant alleged she was “slurring her words” and whispered “I’m drunk, shhh.”

“I asked her like four times: ‘Are you kidding me?’,” said Kandace. “They just pulled me off the plane, we were literally about to take off.” The passenger was forced then to wait for the next flight at 10 p.m. to get home.

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