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A Connecticut Homeowner Fought Off Four Car Thieves In His Driveway



A Connecticut Man Fought Off Four Car Thieves In His Driveway

A quiet Connecticut driveway turned into a World Wrestling Entertainment match when a brave homeowner brawled with a group of four would-be car thieves — and kept them from snatching his ride.

The battle between the brazen thieves and the bold resident who single-handedly took them on was all captured on home surveillance video released by police in Rocky Hill, a suburb of Hartford.

The footage shows a man jogging briskly into the driveway from the street, with a cell phone to his ear, as he opens the door of a parked red vehicle and slides inside. About 10 seconds later, a man races into the driveway, apparently from the home, and drags the interloper from the driver’s seat, grappling him and ripping the thief’s jacket off over his head.


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At one point, the thief appeared to gain the upper hand, pummeling the resident as he knelt on the ground but the much-taller homeowner threw the crook over his shoulders, lifting him into the air, the footage posted to the police department’s Facebook page shows.

That’s when a second man ran into the driveway and kicked the homeowner several times in the head and chest. Seconds later, two more men run in and join the attack before a woman can be heard screaming, “I’m calling the cops!”

The panicked thieves then raced back to a dark-colored sedan waiting in the street and sped off, the video shows. The homeowner was later treated at a hospital, police said.

“Thank God that he wasn’t seriously hurt. We’re seeing a lot of these incidents throughout the state and the country that people are intervening, and the suspect may have a weapon,” Rocky Hill Police Sgt. Jeffrey Foss-Rugan told NBC Connecticut.

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