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Young M.A Fans Concerned After Seeing Her In A Wheelchair At The Store



Young M.A Spotted In A Wheelchair At The Store

Rapper Young M.A has been trending on social media with fans showing concerns about her health after a video surfaced online showing her eyes are now yellow.

Earlier this week, a barber to the stars and Wild ’N Out cast member Fatsdabarber hit up Instagram to show off some before and after clips of Young M.A getting a fresh cut.

When the videos began making round across social media, the conversation became less about the Brooklyn, N.Y. MC getting a shape-up and her dreadlocks twisted and more about fans being deeply worried that Young M.A may be going through some sort of health crisis. Both M.A and Fatsdabarber have since addressed the growing concern.

Adding to the concerns of fans, another video showing Young M.A in a wheelchair at the store has hit the internet. “Just saw rapper Young MA in the grocery store and looking 👀,” the fan who recorded the clip wrote.

However, the video has been met with mixed reactions. Some people claim that’s not Young M.A and others claim it’s not a wheelchair but a push cart.

“Push cart not a wheelchair y’all just do anything these days for some views,” someone commented. “Well pray for me cause when I go to Walmart I jump on them too,” another person wrote. I ride around the grocery store like that too ain’t no shit wrong with her,” added someone else.

There are rumors swirling around that Young M.A has a liver disease hence, the yellow eyes. Typically, your liver filters bilirubin from your blood and uses it to make a fluid called bile. Bile moves through thin tubes (called bile ducts) to get to your digestive tract and then out of your body as waste.

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