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Man Uses AI To Recreate His Verse With Kanye West’s Vocals



Man Uses AI Model Of Kanye West To Replace His Vocals In Terrifying Video

Artificial Intelligence is gradually taking over all areas of creation. Apparently, AI will now be used in music production for features, if artists permit it.

A video is currently making rounds online, showing an AI recreation on Kanye West‘s vocals on a song.

“And just like that. The music industry is forever changed,” the producer wrote on Twitter. “I recorded a verse, and had a trained AI model of Kanye replace my vocals. The results will blow your mind. Utterly incredible,” he added.

And just like he said, the results did blow our minds. The video has now been seen 26 million times with 7 thousands retweets and 10 thousand quotes on Twitter.

“There will be a lot of regulatory and legal frameworks that will have to be re-written around this. We will have to figure out how to protect artists at the machine level,” the producer clarifies.

“For example, Kanye has the right to protect his name, image, likeness, etc. – that might have to be extended to include any algorithm that generates the specific sound frequencies as well. Tricky. Would love to hear your thoughts regarding this as well as the entire legal communities sentiment. Really interested in seeing where this all goes.”

“I bet there’s a Michael Jackson model being developed as we speak lol,” another person wrote.

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