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Ja Morant Quotes NBA YoungBoy Lyrics In His Return After 8 Match Ban



Ja Morant Just Got Back And He's Already Quoting NBA YoungBoy Lyrics

Ja Morant Just Got Back And He’s Already Quoting NBA YoungBoy Lyrics

During a recent interview with TMZ, Ja Rule agreed with Charleston White that Hip Hop is to blame for Ja Morant’s behavior that led to his suspension.

“It’s crazy to say this but Charleston White was absolutely correct,” Ja Rule said at the time. “The music we listen to and how that is the new brand. The music say I keep pipe, I do this and I do that. That turns into, ‘I need a pipe.’ A pipe meaning gun,” he continued.

“You know, Hip Hop is very influential,” Rule said. “I’ve done things in my youth because of Hip Hop. Ya know, Redman made ‘How To Roll A Blunt,’ we started smoking blunts. Snoop made ‘Gin & Juice,’ we started drinking gin and juice. So Hip Hop is influential; I’m not gonna say it’s not. How far people take it is what it is.”

Well, Ja Morant made his return after an 8 game ban and already back quoting NBA YoungBoy lyrics which has fans talking.

Following last night’s game, Ja was recorded quoting NBA YoungBoy’s “Fresh Prince Of Utah’ lyrics; “It’s a parade inside my city.” While it was an harmless act, folks online are not having it for someone who just came back after an 8 game ban.

“First day back.. Ja didn’t learn nothing,” someone commented. “When that bad ass kid come back from OSS and ain’t learn a damn thing,” another person wrote. “How can you hate on him,” someone else added jokingly.

Ja earlier reacted to the suspension saying he was only trying to feel ‘free’ and ‘escape’. “The gun wasn’t mine. It’s not who I am. I don’t condone any type of violence, but I take full responsibility for my actions,” he said.

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