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Top Guide On How To Translate Videogames On Steam



Top Guide On How To translate Videogames On Steam

Top Guide On How To translate Videogames On Steam

The video gaming industry is growing at an exponential pace. With so many gamers around the world, this is not surprising. However, to further expand the gaming industry, game localization is needed. It involves translating video games into the language that is spoken at the place where you want to sell them.

In simpler words, it is translating the game content from the source language to your desired language so that you can have your game business enter international markets. If you are looking to get your video game translated into a foreign language and make your business go global, this article is for you. Below, you can find easy steps in which you can translate video games on Steam. 


1. Steam volunteer project

This is a great opportunity to translate your game into your desired language. The platform Steam has this option where users can get their video games translated by third-party groups. These third-party groups are people who volunteer to translate your video games for you. However, do not worry, as these freelancers undergo a screening test before they can take up the translation of your game. The screening process involves checking these freelancers’ skills of being able to translate the requested text in under 30 minutes. So, this is a reliable way to get your games translated.


If you have a game business taking up most of your time, and you cannot focus on your academics, you may need professional help. You can check out free academic essays and use them as inspiration for your essay writing. Alternatively, you can hire experts to write your essays and other academic texts at affordable prices. 


2. Respect the culture

During the translation of your game, one thing you should focus on is that the essence of the game remains unchanged. Moreover, keep in mind the culture of the audience you are targeting. The translation should incorporate the target culture well, including the names of the characters, the storyline, etc. Hire a native person to translate and proofread your game to eliminate errors. 

Expanding your business overseas can seem daunting, especially in the beginning. TheWordPoint review can help. It can aid you in choosing the right translation service for your business so that you can smoothly make the shift to the global markets. It offers a detailed review of the best translation services out there, covering all the aspects that you should pay attention to. 


3.  Choose your target language 

There are seven primary languages on Steam, with English users on Steam topping the charts. The other languages include French, Spanish, and Chinese, among others. Despite some languages not being very popular on Steam, you can still consider translating your game into them.

Everything aside, we should take a moment to acknowledge how playing video games can motivate youth to learn Chinese culture among other cultures and languages. So, students playing video games should not be discouraged by their parents. The best way out is to play games within safe limits. 


4. Test, test, and test 

Before releasing the game out there in public for everyone to use in your target location, make sure you test the functionality of the game well. You must note if the game is as per the standards of what your target audience expects from you. Moreover, it should adhere to the culture, traditions, and language properly of your desired customer base. 


Final words

Video game translation and localization are crucial to the further expansion of the video gaming industry, especially into the untapped parts globally. Ensure the people you hire to translate or localize your games are natives, so your game can easily resonate with your target audience. You can find above some tips to get your game translated on Steam.


Author: Elaine Bailey

Elaine Bailey is an art enthusiast, content writer, and gamer. She has worked in the content industry for many years. She is currently employed as a content writer. Elaine often likes to visit art galleries in her free time and play games with her family and friends.

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