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The 5 Best Online Learning Platforms of 2023



The 5 Best Online Learning Platforms of 2023

The 5 Best Online Learning Platforms of 2023

Choosing an online learning platform these days can be quite challenging since there are so many offerings and we are already used to certain LMS platforms and the solutions that are implemented by our school or university. Still, it does not mean that we should not consider exploring other options because the things like GUI and the set of helpful tools sometimes make all the difference in learning.

Remember that in choosing an online learning platform, you should focus not only on what’s popular but on those offerings that fully meet your learning requirements and assist you as you master and explore new information.


The 5 Best Online Learning Platforms of 2023


1. Udemy.

Regardless of whether you choose the simple version of Udemy or pursue their Business outlet, they still remain one of the most popular learning options online with a wide range of subjects and opportunities for any subject and taste. There are many video courses and over 15,000 specific offerings that are hosted by the world’s best universities and business companies. 


2. LinkedIn Learning Courses

Formerly known as Lynda Courses, it is one of the most serious platforms on the list as they have strict quality content control. It might be one of the reasons why it’s good to choose this platform when learning Politics, Environmental Studies, or Business Management. These courses will also require written assignments, so make sure you approach essay marks in case of trouble to talk to an expert and achieve better results. Although there is no certification for certain courses, they can still be a great starting point to get you prepared for the actual exams. 


3. edX.

Regardless of whether you are planning to study music production at Berkeley College of Music or learn artificial intelligence at the likes of Harvard, this platform offers certified courses that will be more affordable than the actual enrollment. Speaking of the entry requirements, it is often free to join, as you can choose what you want to learn and how exactly. The interface may take some time to learn, yet once you handle it, it becomes a breeze! 


4. Coursera.

The good thing about this platform is that it’s mostly aimed at school and college students, which increases the target audience. It also offers the best selection of free courses. They also follow a classic style of learning and offer interaction with the teacher, especially for the younger audiences or certification courses where extra help is required. It will take your learning experience to another level and help you determine what learning methods are the best for you. 


5. Khan Academy.

Although it’s not often mentioned in the popular lists, it is a free online learning platform that is aimed at kids and youngsters from all over the world as it supports many languages and is a non-commercial organization. It is run by volunteers and offers courses related to Math, programming, Physics, Healthcare, and even basic English writing subjects to help the exchange and refugee kids achieve success as they learn online. It also covers the K-12 range and is a great place for youngsters to receive additional assistance beyond the school curriculum!


Free is Always Worth It! 

Many people these days believe that if something is offered free of charge, it is probably not good enough, right? Wrong! The majority of the courses and educational materials that are offered free of charge are good and offer a great starting point as long as you understand the type of instructions. It also provides you with a great choice of options. Alternatively to what’s mentioned above, you can consider the famous Quizlet platform for thousands of free presentation templates and slideshows that can be explored via keywords. It is yet another example of the culture of sharing, which represents the future of education and gives hope to humanity! 



Elaine loves to explore the benefits of modern technology and remote learning as an educator and online content analyst. As she shares her discoveries, she helps students and educators find solutions that work. Find Elaine and learn how to face your learning challenges and achieve success. 

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