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DDG Says Halle Bailey Still F*ck With Him Cuz He’s Got Mean Dick



DDG Responds To Halle Bailey Fans Hating On New Song "Way Too Petty"

DDG Responds To Halle Bailey Fans Hating On New Song “Way Too Petty”

Halle Bailey and DDG’s relationship is obviously not fans favorite, instead many are urging Bailey to break up with him.

Earlier this month, Rubi Rose made scathing allegations against DDG, claiming he was in her DMs. He previously addressed the situation in a YouTube vlog, which many viewers saw as a satisfactory explanation.

Halle Bailey also made a brief appearance in the video, seemingly proving that their union hasn’t been tarnished as many outside spectators assume. Further addressing the situation, DDG dropped a new song called “Way Too Petty”.

On the song, DDG explicitly calls out Rose for attempting to expose him with screenshots of their alleged DMs. “Hoes screenshotting, that shit lame / Keep her on the side, she could never be my main,” he cooly rhymes.

“She just wanna make it, she be f*cked for the fame / Posting pictures naked, baby, you should be ashamed.” Later on in the single, he also addresses his ex’s recent tweet about his current girlfriend wearing her old shirt.

“Tell them n*ggas do they research. I could fall off and come right back like it’s rebirth. Don’t believe the internet, it’s not that bitches t-shirt,” he cautions listeners, telling his side of the story.

He then took to Twitter to respond to Bailey fans hating, “‘Why tf she still fw him?’ I got a mean d*ck,” he wrote, only bringing in further backlash.

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