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White Girl Accuses Drake Of Bullying Her Back In High School



White Girl On TikTok Recounts Her Experience With Drake At Vaughan Road

White Girl On TikTok Recounts Her Experience With Drake At Vaughan Road

A woman who attended high school with Drake has posted a video, claiming that Drake used to bully her and others at their exclusive private school.

And while some sympathies lie with the woman, others are labeling her “a Karen.”

The woman started off her TikTok video claiming that she transferred into Drake’s school, after she was the victim of trafficking, and had to deal with bullying at her old school.


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The woman explained, “I attended Von Road Academy approximately in 2004.” Drake attended the school at the year in question.

She then explained what Drake did to her. The woman told her TikTok followers, “It was my first day at Von Road Academy and I walked into the cafeteria … and there’s the kid standing there [Drake] blocking where I wanted to walk through.”

She continued, “[Drake] was staring daggers at me, and looking me up and down.” “I look at him and I’m like, ‘Hi, I’m Keena, nice to meet you.” Keena continues, “And he says to me, ‘Stop f***ing staring at me you fat f***ing b***h.”

Then she describes another incident, “Later outside Miss Scobee’s dance class [Drake] was hanging around with a group of kids.” She claims that Drake asked her to dance, and then allegedly tried to trip her while she was dancing.


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