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Lil Durk & Mariah Carey Spotted Having Dinner Together



Lil Durk & Mariah Carey Seen At Dinner Taking Photos Together

Folks online are currently speculating on a possible holiday collaboration between Lil Durk and Mariah Carey after they were spotted posing for a photo together in a photo surfaced Thursday, November 10.

In the viral video, the musicians leaned against each other and smiled at a table, the surface of which was covered with a white cloth.

Mariah, 52, had a big grin on her face and wore a skin-tight long-sleeve shirt, while Durk, 30, wore a white graphic tee and black jacket. Schirin Amirithe fashion designer’s wife mike amiriShe also posed for the picture, smiling to Durk’s right.

The sight sent fans on social media freaking out, with many suspecting the couple might be collaborating on a tune for the holidays. “Lil Durk doing a Christmas carol with Mariah Carey was definitely not on the 2022 bingo card,” according to one user tweeted after seeing the photo.

“Lil Durk and Mariah seen together…” another fan wrote on the platform. “It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas.” A third user called the rendezvous “healthy”while a fourth claimed the potential collaboration was a grab money.

Fans think a collaboration between Lil Durk and Mariah Carey could be on the way after they were spotted posing for a photo together.

Of course, the collaboration has yet to be confirmed. However, when they are actually working on a song, it has already garnered the support of countless fans.


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