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INDULTA Magazine Of New Thought Brings New Light Into The Prison System



INDULTA Magazine Of New Thought Brings New Light Into The Prison System

Over a year ago, founder and creator Virgil Hare introduced INDULTA magazine into America’s prison system, and it has been a nonstop hot topic since. Why? Because INDULTA is like a breath of fresh air. It’s something prisoners across the nation have been searching for and have yet to find. Until now!

INDULTA is bringing some much-needed sunshine to a dark and cloud-ridden environment. An environment that seems almost always to have a storm brewing. In such a hostile environment, prisoners have gravitated to and appreciated the positivity that INDULTA has provided.

With its pictures of the latest fashion fads, incredible homes, cars, and photographs of today’s most influential celebrities, INDULTA is providing prisoners an opportunity to stay connected to the world. In a place where it is easy to feel disconnected from everything and everyone, INDULTA has taken that necessary first step to reconnect inmates to society while incarcerated.

Although prisoners have conveyed how much they enjoy seeing pictures of cars, fashion, real estate, and celebrities, they have equally conveyed that INDULTA provides them with so much more.

With INDULTA, they are receiving motivation, inspiration, and affirmation. They are receiving an experience that would not exist without the inception and introduction of INDULTA. They are receiving a new way of looking at life. Inmates are gaining much-needed motivation to keep them going in those times when they feel like giving up.

They feel inspired by the pictures and various quotes featured in INDULTA. INDULTA is genuinely a magazine of new thought, positively changing the way inmates see the world around them.

It has been said that inmates look forward to receiving their monthly issue of INDULTA as much as they look forward to welcoming their commissary bags. And if you didn’t know, the commissary is a big deal in prison, and now so is INDULTA magazine of new thought.

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1 Comment

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