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Georgia Man Busted For Running Dogfighting Ring



Georgia Man Arrested For Running Dogfighting Ring

Georgia Man Arrested For Running Dogfighting Ring

More than 100 dogs were rescued this week after a Georgia man was arrested for running a dogfighting ring operating out of his home.

Detectives on Tuesday raided the Paulding County, Georgia, home of Vincent Lemark Burrell, 55. Burrell had been “breeding, training, and facilitating over one hundred Pitbulls in conjunction with dog fighting,” the local sheriff’s office said in a statement.

He was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals and dog fighting. Investigators who busted the operation found a disturbing scene of 106 dogs, mostly Pitbulls, living in conditions that authorities described as “not fit for humans, much less dogs.”

“Some of the dogs were emaciated, while others were strong and extremely aggressive toward other dogs,” the sheriff’s office said. “The sad part is that the vast majority of these animals just craved the love and attention of the deputies and detectives that were on the scene.”

Dogs were found tied to trees and metal stakes in the ground, and had not been properly fed or given water, the police said.

They added that the pooches had not been vaccinated or seen by a veterinarian Some dogs had been left outside, while others were kept in the home’s basement where “the presence (along with the odor) of urine and feces was so strong, authorities had to wear protective equipment just to be able safely to enter the home,” authorities said.

All 106 dogs were transferred to rehabilitation facilities, authorities said.

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