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Fat Joe Reveals 50 Cent Beef Cost Him $20 Million Jordan Deal



Fat Joe Says Beefing With 50 Cent Cost Him $20 Million Jordan Deal

Fat Joe Says Beefing With 50 Cent Cost Him $20 Million Jordan Deal

Fat Joe says his beef with 50 Cent back in the 2000s cost him a $20 million deal with Michael Jordan. Joey recalled an incident at the 2005 VMAs.

“During the commercial break beforehand, 50 Cent got out of his seat and started walking the house,” He wrote in his memoir, The Book of Jose, per HHDX.

“He went up to the audience in the cheap seats and started waving to me. It was like he was daring me to get off the stage and physically confront him. Then he went down to the floor and started slapping fives with JAY-Z and Diddy.”


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He continued: “He was really trying to antagonize me as I was standing there waiting to speak on the mic but I wasn’t trying to pay him no mind. Then 50 actually came onstage for a few seconds.”

“He stood several feet away from me. I was saying to myself, Okay, we’re about to fight. We’re about to get it on right here at the VMAs,” he added.

He said that although Fif returned to his seat, G-Unit started heckling him while he was trying to read from the teleprompter, so Joe said, “I feel safe with all the police protection courtesy of G-Unit.”

He said after that incident, Michael Jordan killed the deal because he did not want to get caught up in any rap beef.


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