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Ed Lover Says AE Edwards Should Be Ashamed Of Himself For Dating Cher



Ed Lover Slams AE Edwards For Dating Cher: "She Was 40 Years Old When You Were Born"

Ed Lover Slams AE Edwards For Dating Cher: “She Was 40 Years Old When You Were Born”

Cher and Amber Rose’s ex A.E. Edwards kick started their romance at the start of the month when they went on a date night at Craig’s in West Hollywood.

Before this, A.E. was linked to Amber Rose, and the two welcomed a son together in 2019. Following the date night, Cher confirmed the romance.

“I’m not defending us,” she tweeted. “Haters are gonna hate. Doesn’t matter that we’re happy and not bothering anyone.” When one fan said that A.E.‘ better be treating you like the queen that you are,” Cher said that he was.

Well, Ed Lover was recently on Vlad Tv where he spoke on Cher and Edwards romance. According to Ed, A.E. should be ashamed of himself for dating Cher. “She was 40-years-old when you were born,” he said.

Defending her relationship with Edwards, Cher tweeted a photo of A.E. “hanging out” while adding, “we’re grown-ups.” She also said that “we’re happy” as a couple and that one of the qualities she admires most about her new boyfriend is that he’s “ Kind, Smart, Hilarious…& We [kiss] Like Teenagers.”

“He’s 36 [and] in [the] end, he came after me till we met in the middle. He’s [the] consistent one, I’m the skittish one. We love each other…. LADIES NEVER GIVE UP.”

She also referenced how she met A.E. at Paris Fashion Week when she walked in a latex catsuit for the Balmain show. “Neither One Wanted 2 make [a] long trip to Paris, and then, Paris was magic.”


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