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Chrisean Rock Hints Blueface Is ‘Bi’ In Viral Video



Chrisean Rock Spills Blueface's Tea, Seemingly Reveal He's 'Bi'

Chrisean Rock Spills Blueface’s Tea, Seemingly Reveal He’s ‘Bi’

Blueface and Chrisean Rock are in the news again following their tense interview this week where a few slaps were thrown and a chair got hurled through a wall.

During the dicey sit-down on Kai Cenat Live, Blueface and Chrisean Rock, who are known to be notoriously violent with each other, can be seen teetering towards an argument at one point during the lengthy live stream, with things escalating after Blueface said he had been “with a little person before.”

“Who?” Chrisean Rock demanded as she shoved Blueface. “Who? ”“Girl, not like that,” Blueface replied. “I’m trying to relate to bro.”

This caused Rock to smack him again and throw a Capri Sun at him while asking why Blueface is “relating.” Things escalated further from there, with Kai attempting to diffuse the situation as Chrisean Rock began to cry.

However, folks online are interpreting the scene as Chrisean Rock spilling the tea on Blueface’s sexuality, hinting he’s bi. “Ok so everyone gonna have a coming out this week. Well I admit, I’m now straight being gay cost too much anyway,” someone commented.

While the pair were eventually able to reconcile and carry on with the live stream, it didn’t take long before things started to go haywire again. During another bizarre moment, Chrisean Rock could be seen bringing Kai Cenat’s co-host a chair and a stool. When the host chooses the latter, Rock agrees with him and tosses the chair off-screen, and a loud bang is heard.

“Whoa, babe you put a hole in my wall,” Kai said as Chrisean slaps him on the back and says “my bad champ.” “You’re rich you can fix it,” Chrisean said.


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