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Woman Says Her Daughter Won’t Let Her Drive, ‘She Said I Died In A Car Accident’



Woman Shares Why Her Daughter Told Her Not To Drive; “She Said I Died In A Car Accident”

A woman is currently trending on social media after sharing why her daughter told her not to drive in a viral video.

In the clip which has been gaining traction online, the woman revealed her daughter told her not to drive because she died in an accident.

“Don’t drive,” the little girl said crying. “Why tell me not to drive,” her mother queried. “You’ll die,” the girl responded.

Folks online have since been reacting to the video. “She’s clairvoyant,” someone commented.

A clairvoyant is a person who claims to have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.

“I told my mom this while In Germany before going to school the next day. I said mom please don’t go to work today. She was hit by two trucks on the autobahn. She survived. She actually sitting next to me now. I showed her this and she said “wow you did this as a little boy and I ignored you”. Then she asked “why are they filming her instead of listening”. I said… “Clout but ready for instant doubt”‼️” another person shared.

“I hate that this new world of parenting is taping everything and sticking a camera in your baby’s face. Hold that child and console her the hell,” someone else added.

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