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White Rice Is As Bad As Candy When It Comes To Heart Health – Report



New Study Claims White Rice Is As Bad As Candy When It Comes To Heart Health

New Study Claims White Rice Is As Bad As Candy When It Comes To Heart Health

A new study has found that eating too many refined grains is just as bad for your heart as eating too much Halloween candy.

The report, which studied the eating habits and health histories of Iranians, says the risk of premature coronary artery disease, or PCAD, from eating refined grains which include white rice, the Daily Mail reported, is similar to that of eating the kind of “unhealthy sugars and oils” found in sweet treats.

The study focused on a group of some 2,500 people, some with normal arteries and some with coronary artery disease. Each participant answered a food frequency questionnaire to determine how often they ate whole and refined grains.

Researchers found a higher intake of refined grain was associated with an increased risk of PCAD, while eating whole grains was associated with a reduced risk.

Grains are “refined” when they’re processed into flour or meal, which gives them a finer texture and longer shelf life but eliminates some key nutrients. However, whole grains, like brown rice oats and whole-wheat bread, contain the entire grain.

“There are many factors involved in why Refined grains are quickly broken down by the body since they have been stripped of fiber, which leads to a post-meal spike in blood sugar levels, per the CDC.

Over time, high blood sugar can damage blood vessels and the nerves that control the heart and cause plaque to form in the artery walls. people may be consuming more refined grains as opposed to whole grains … Some of the most important factors to consider include the economy and income, job, education, culture, age and other similar factors,” said Dr. Mohammad Amin Khajavi Gaskarei, the study’s lead author.

“A diet that includes consuming a high amount of unhealthy and refined grains can be considered similar to consuming a diet containing a lot of unhealthy sugars and oils,” he continued.

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