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Rapper Glorilla Is ‘Slow’, Reportedly Attended Special Ed



Female Rapper Glorilla Reportedly Attended School Where 95% Of Students Were ‘Deficient’

Female Rapper Glorilla Reportedly Attended School Where 95% Of Students Were ‘Deficient’

Fast rising female rapper GloRilla, known for her top-hit, FNF (Let’s G0) is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, to say the least. A woman claiming to be childhood associates with Glo Rilla – claims that when the female rapper was young, teachers recommended her for “Special Ed.”

The tipster said, “the teachers wanted to put Glo Rilla in Special Ed, and her parents instead removed the young girl from school and home schooled her.”

Glo Rilla grew up in the Frayser neighborhood of Memphis, Tennessee, and that her parents did in fact home school her until 5th grade. She eventually found her way to Martin Luther King College Prep, a local high school, where she graduated.


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According to the website, which ranks high schools throughout the United States, only 8% of Students at MLK Prep are proficient in Reading and 5% in Math. That means that close to 95% of the students are deficient in Reading and Math.

Glo Rilla showed off her lack of education, in a recent interview.

During a trip to the UK, the fast-rising Memphis rapper sat down for an interview with Kiss FM where the topic of “foxes” came up. Presenter Henrie Kwushue explained that London has a fox problem, with the city’s animal population prowling the streets at night and getting up to all sorts of mischief.

But Glo Rilla was shocked to find out they weren’t fictional characters. “Foxes? What’s that?” she said. “The animal, fox? Y’all got them out here? That’s normal? So they like dogs? So y’all not scared of them? So they orange? I can’t believe it. I never even knew foxes was real.”

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